HAP Program
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The HAP Program offers a subvention from the city of Montreal to handicapped individuals with limited mobility, suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis, stroke and amputated leg/arm.

Once a case is approved, the city offers a grant towards projects such as remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as the installation of a vertical lift or staircase chair lift, provided that the client selects a contractor from the city’s pre-approved list.

Who can apply?

Handicapped persons, as defined under the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration (CQLR, chapter E-20.1) can apply for home adaptation whether they are owners or tenants. “Home” is understood to mean a person’s primary residence.

To be eligible for a subsidy, adaptations must be:

  • Necessary in order to compensate for the person’s handicap in the home
  • Recommended by an occupational therapist

Amount of the subsidy and eligible adaptation work, equipment and fees

The subsidy covers eligible adaptation work, equipment and fees to meet adaptation needs up to $35,000 per dwelling.
The subsidy is increased to $45,000 if the building is a family-type resource (in French) or a private residence for seniors (in French) for nine or more people.

Adaptation work must involve:

  • Improving outdoor access to the dwelling or building by installing a handrail, access ramp or a platform lift
  • Installing a handicapped-accessible shower
  • Adapting the bathroom
  • Adapting the kitchen
  • Improving movement through the home and adapting living spaces such as the living room, bedroom or office (moving outlets and switches, widening door frames, etc.)

Eligible equipment

  • Platform lifts
  • Overhead lifts
  • Stair lifts
  • Automatic garage door opener
  • Communication equipment (intercoms, flashing doorbells, etc.)

Some fees are also eligible:

  • Reports from occupational therapists in the private sector
  • A portion of the fees for construction/renovation permits for home adaptations
  • Public property occupancy fees while the adaptation work is being performed
  • Tree felling permit fees if trees must be cut down as part of the adaptation work
  • A portion of the architectural or architectural technician fees related to your home adaptation, if required in order for the permit to be issued
  • A portion of engineering fees related to your home adaptation, if required in order for the permit to be issued
  • Certificate of location, if required under borough legislation in order for the permit to be issued

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